Amsterdam 29th June 2015
: in Aalsmeer, design agency ESTIDA completed the second Joseph concept on the 22nd June 2015. Owner Jos Bölte and his wife Marga Dekker had already started Bar Bistro Joseph and Josephines cocktailbar in Hoofddorp. The new Joseph ‘Aan de Poel’ on the Stommeerweg in Aalsmeer is located in the Dragt marina, next to the ‘little pool lake’ (Kleine Poel). It offers a restaurant, a cocktail bar and a sunny waterfront terrace which will surely attract a crowd.

After the former harbour restaurant went bankrupt, the port managers needed a new operator and they came across Jos Bölte, owner of Bar Bistro Joseph and Josephines cocktails, wine and bites in Hoofddorp. ‘I was working on a new hospitality concept’ Jos says, ‘but when this opportunity presented itself, I seized it. This location is amazing but it needed a lot of work. I managed to find the investors I needed and together we made this project happen. As before, ESTIDA was responsible for rebuilding the interior. They always manage to add a ‘wow factor’ to the places they design and decorate, which is essential for running a successful hospitality concept, apart from good value for money and good staff.’

ESTIDA choose the same vintage atmosphere as used in the existing Joseph and Josephines. Using warm colours, leather, wood and rich fabrics, the bar area has the look and feel of a cosy living room. The absolute eye catcher is the thirteen meter long bar, fabricated from piles of wooden shelves, which stretches all the way across the room into the restaurant area, in which the ceiling is another distinctive feature. A glass ceiling is placed below the glass rooftop and the lamps that hang between these two glass partitions illuminate the restaurant, which lights up the entire room and add a sense of space. Another striking detail is the shining deck of a Riva boat used on the tabletops in the middle of the restaurant. The view on the Little Pool, the partially open kitchen and the large, industrial light bulbs mounted in steel, movable frames hanging from the ceiling make the interior of the restaurant very special and a culinary asset to Aalsmeer and its region.

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Bar Bistro Joseph ‘Aan de Poel’

Contact: Jos Bölte

0297-768 075

Stommeerweg 72, 1431EX, Aalsmeer

75 seats inside, 75 seats outside


Contact; Claudia van den Berg