A warm interior of the ice cold Freezlab

Create a warm bath for the customers who just step out of a cold cabin of -110 C˚. That was the request of Freezlab to ESTIDA. We developed a warm, luxurious and crisp interior that merges effortlessly with this fresh wellness concept in Amsterdam.



Freezlab introduced cryotherapy in the Netherlands; a treatment with extreme cold. This cold therapy helps the body recover and strengten and is therefore used by athletes as a beauty or spa treatment and to support good health. The healthy aspect had to come back in the interior without it being too clinical.

 Modern interior in the Olympic Stadium

The principals had worked with ESTIDA Interior Design and Concept Development before and asked us for the Olympic Stadium to develop a modern, warm interior for Freezlab. We created an attractive, comfortable place where guests will feel immediately welcome.

 Naturally, cuddly and warm

In the design, we combined natural materials such as concrete and smoked oak with cuddly rugs and furs and cool basic colors white and turquoise. The ice and freezing temperatures that central themes at Freezlab come back everywhere, where the atmosphere is anything but chilly. The warm, dark oak giving the spaces an organic feel, the natural look blends well with the modern concrete walls and sleek furniture.

Trunk in turquoise epoxy

An absolute eye-catcher is the bar top of the reception desk; a trunk in turquoise epoxy. This bar top, is specially designed for Freezlab, and is a clear and visible statement of the natural freshness, and above all the uniqueness.

 Interior with the wow effect

Bastiaan Swager of Freezlab wanted the wow effect in a warm and modern interior and that we managed: “We are very happy. The communication and cooperation with ESTIDA during the design and renovation process went very well. But the best are the opinions of our guests who are always ready to say that they find it a beautiful place! ”

 Interior Design for the wellness industry

In addition to the hospitality industry, we also develop, realize and produce business concepts, total interiors and interior components for the wellness industry. On our site there are several interesting examples of our work in interior design. Are you wondering what we can do for your business? Then let’s meet. Please contact us?

Freezlab Amsterdam

Contact: Bastiaan Swager

Olympisch Stadion 36, Amsterdam



Principal: Freezlab

Location: Amsterdam

Date: april 2016