Special interior design for skybox Daalimpex in accordance with BREEAM standards

What should become just a little bar turns out to be the most beautiful place of IJmond; the skybox of Daalimpex. A special location where we developed and executed the interior concept. And that under the strict requirements of BREEAM.


Concept for a beautiful location

Daalimpex, part of Kloosterboer from Velsen-Noord, extended with some new cold stores, with on top of one of the new buildings just a little bar. Our designers, however, immediately saw the potential of the beautiful location above and beside the cool areas and developed a concept that went far beyond the original idea. Daalimpex chose to go for this particular substance and gave ESTIDA the order for the interior design and execution.


water, frost and hexagons

Daalimpex is a family business in the storage and transport of refrigerated food products and has over 3.5 million m3 of refrigerated capacity. The elements of water and frost are therefore central to the interior design concept where the colors blue and gray predominate. The hexagon, based ice crystals, is prominent in the interior; both in machined plates that hang from the ceiling like ice, as well as in plates on the walls where where graphical expressions explain more about the company.


Wood surfaces as ice crystals, lattice of ESTIDA’s workshop

A combination of dark brown wood with steel elements, cool colors and transparent bar stools, the interior is crisp but not cold. The dark wood has been processed in the bar and the rear casing. The bar is real craftsmanship of the workshop ESTIDA; sloping wooden surfaces and edges reminiscent of ice crystals deposited on a metal base.


Interior concept to the smallest detail

The interior concept of this skybox is extended to the smallest details; as the middle part of the large conference table is finished with epoxy and wallpaper and the sloping walls of the toilet group and wardrobe are covered with blue mirror. The result is a unique and pleasant space that also meets the strict sustainability requirements of BREEAM.


Skybox of Daalimpex; the place to be in IJmond

The skybox has a long and 3 meter high glass wall overlooking the docks of IJmuiden to the ports of Amsterdam. And even though this skybox is intended as meeting and presentation room for Daalimpex, it now is the place to be ‘in IJmond where the city and county love to visit.


Interior design according to BREEAM standards

The new building including cold stores, is an architectural masterpiece which totally had to be built to BREEAM standards; a tool integral to measure the sustainability of a building and assess. These requirements also affected the interior; all that was needed to be recorded using a list of BREEAM. Of the glass and metal to the smallest of glue. As a result, this skybox scored even better than expected and earned the Excellent certificate.


Unusual, functional and representative

Client Daalimpex is very pleased with the result. “We could not think of this yourself. The room is special, it tells what our company stands for and it is very functional. Whether we meet with a small group or receive a large group of more than 100 people, it is comfortable and very representative. “It was essential for Daalimpex to organize under the BREEAM requirements, a requirement which we have largely met.


Interior Design for Business

For several companies, we realize and produce interior design, business concepts, total interiors and interior components, such as this special interior of this skybox. More examples of our work is on our website. And do you want more information? Please contact us.


Daalimpex Velsen

Jan Karsten, head of technical services

Velserkade 3, Velsen-Noord











Client: Daalimpex


Date: april 2016