New interior for hospitality business Viscentre ‘t Wad

From a fastfood ambiance to an ambiance that does justice to the quality fish they sell, that was the wish of Viscentre ‘t Wad in Den Oever. And for such an interior they turned to ESTIDA Interior Design and Concept Development. We developed an interior concept for them that underlines the accessible and honest quality and care. We also took care of the complete realization of the new interior.

From fishermen to representatives

Viscentre ‘t Wad is overlooking the harbour and fishing boats. A typical fisherman image with aged wood, steel and dark red and deep blue tones. These colours and materials are therefore central to the new interior concept of this quality establishment. A place where everyone enters, from fishermen to representatives. A place where thus everybody feels welcome at any time of the day.

Accessible interior

The fish that ‘t Wad serves is purchased directly at the daily auction and processed in their own kitchen. To visualize this quality and to emphasize its accessibility to a wide audience, we designed an accessible interior with high quality materials. The open kitchen with Krion worksheets are iconic and so are the showcases of aged oak flooring elements, partially colored, and steel. The line of the display cases is reflected in the canopies over the issuance of the store.

Steel and Wood

The open, robust nature of this interior is underlined by the contrast of industrial elements with the warm wood. The large steel racks placed around the existing columns are both decorative and practical. The dark and bright floor tiles naturally emphasize the difference between store and kitchen and restaurant. For the interior of the restaurant we also chose quality materials with a warm atmosphere that fit well in this environment of fishing and vessels. With wooden tabletops, steel frames and chairs and benches made of high quality leatherette the place is attractive, accessible and equally very practical.

Pronounced interior concept

The possibility to rent a room for private dining’s or business meetings is contained in the concept. The designed sliding doors of steel with wooden parts are custom made in ESTIDA’s interior workplace. The striking neon lights in that room are specially designed for this interior concept.

Interieurdesign for horeca

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Viscentre ’t Wad
Aart Schouten
Haventerrein 4, Den Oever
120 seats inside including bar seats and 50 terrace seats


Client: Viscentre T Wad

Location: Den Oever

Date: february 2016