Golden Tulip Hotel Tjaarda Oranjewoud


more sales and enthusiastic guests by new hotel interior in FRIESLAND

A hotel with a decor from the early ’90s transformed into a modern-chic interior with a warm ambiance. ESTIDA realized and the client since then sees enthusiastic guests and an increase in sales in the grand café of 25%.

Frisian roots in the room

Golden Tulip Tjaarda Oranjewoud Friesland is beautifully situated between the woods and the Frisian Oranjewoud, a park which belonged to the former residence of the House of Orange. An origin and location owner Tjitte Wolf is proud of thus clearly something that had to come back into the decor of the rooms.

Warm, modern-chic look

Apart from the hotel rooms there were also the grand-café, the hotel lobby and the honeymoon suite to be redesigned. Tjaarda chose ESTIDA Interior Design and Concept Development and gave cross compliance; a modern-chic interior with warm, inviting atmosphere. And guests should immediately realize they are in Friesland in the morning.

“Lekker Sliepe” 

The luxurious hotel rooms have been redecorated with the big ‘Great Sliepe’ on the wall, wishing every guest good night in Frisian language. Large black and white photo walls of a forest environment and small picture frames with pictures from the park bring outside environment inside the rooms and give an intimate atmosphere.

Sustainable reuse

With Frisian sobriety was decided to maintain that what was good. A Sustainable decision from which we have used new colors, tiling and new fittings for every room and bathroom and created a whole new look while reusing as much as possible. A successful combination that gives the rooms a new, attractive appearance.

Different areas

The restaurant & grand café was tackled radically. Tjitte wanted to overturn the logistics and remove the walls to create a transparent, large room with open kitchen. We advised here and took care of the installation with the long bench as a striking element. These elements are designed and made by ESTIDA and connect several rooms into one.

Great job!

“The guests are very enthusiastic and since the conversion the grand café realizes 25% more sales.” Tjitte Wolf is very satisfied: “Tjaarda is 182 years old. The trick is to still stay young. I think ESTIDA has done fantastic! ”

Interior Design, for hotels

For hospitality, hotels and businesses we develop, construct and produce interior design, business concepts, total interiors and interior components. An example of our work are the rooms and spaces at this hotel. More examples of our work you can see on our website. Do you want more information? Please contact us.

Golden Tulip Tjaarda

Tjitte Wolf

Koninging Julianaweg 98, Oranjewoud





Golden Tulip Tjaarda

Tjitte Wolf

Location: Oranjewoud