Haarlem beer brewer Jopen was looking for a location where the brewing of its popular Jopen Beer could take place in conjunction with a grand cafe, restaurant and tasting room. The result was a church on the outskirts of Haarlem Centre.

ESTIDA accompanied the entrepreneurs in developing the concept and the overall interior design for the Jopenkerk. ESTIDA also ensured the project design, the interior construction and the realization of the entire interior. In 2012, the Jopenkerk won the Hospitality and Style Awards ‘best hospitality concept’ in 2013 Jopenkerk won the title ‘Most Beautiful bar of the Netherlands’ and in 2014 Jopenkerk was elected the “most beautiful place of Haarlem’.

In 2014 the Jopenkerk proved to be too small to house the entire beer production of the success-formula and a new beer factory was developed in the former Connexxion grounds in the industrial area Waarderpolder in Haarlem. Visitors to the brewery can participate on a tour and a beer tasting.

For interior design, construction and realization of the tasting room of the Jopen Brewery, Jopen has again chosen ESTIDA. The new brewery had to get its own industrial identity but also needed to remain recognizable as part of the Jopen group. Therefor on the first floor of the brewery a gallery is built around the tasting room which offers the visitor a view of the entire brewery. In the tasting room itself ESTIDA chose to repeate some typical elements of the interior of the Jopenkerk; the red lights at the bar and lounge area where the carpet is extended to the walls and ceiling.



LOCATION: Jopenkerk Haarlem
DATE: realization November 2010

LOCATION: Jopen tasting Waarderpolder
Date: November 2014 realization