Develop a bar in such a way that it fits the style of the famous beer brand Jupiler and it is suitable for the intended audience; people who love fine wines, fine beers and delicious meals and want to enjoy it without fuss. That we did for Cornelis Bar & Kitchen in Rotterdam, at the request of brewer AB Inbev.


Interior advise

Marcel Maan, owner of the Rotterdam bar Cornelis, was already engaged in extensive renovations when ESTIDA Interior Design and Concept Development was involved. We were asked to develop an interior design advice in which the style of Jupiler came back clear. The outcome is seen in this restaurant bar, which we have developed and where we have realized the bars.


Prominently placed bars

The large space of Cornelis can cause visitors to get a little lost. That is why we changed the floorplan and placed the bars prominently in the middle of the restaurant. Now visitors directly have eye contact with the employees.



Tough and industrial interior image

Combining a name like Cornelis with the style of Jupiler could only lead to a robust and industrial interior image. On the ground floor in the front black, steel and leather dominate the room, while the lighter colours are combined with black details, in the back of the ground floor.

Jupiler bull laserde in black steel

For the bar at the front, we opted for black steel, leather front and a black composite bar top. A prominent Jupiler bull lasered in black steel was mounted on a steel frame over the bar. The bar itself utilizes the optimum height by continuing through from the ground floor to the first and thus connecting the two floors. A cocktail unit is also built into the bar. The decor on the first floor subtly changes to a softer atmosphere with dark brown elements. For example, the bar front is coated with a dark brown skin of cows, and the bar top of dark brown composite.


Interior design for hospitality

Authentic interior designs for the hospitality industry are developed realized and produced by ESTIDA. More examples of such unique business concepts, total interiors and interior components can be found on our website. Want to know more? Please contact us to get acquainted.





Client: AB Inbev en Marcel Maan, Cornelis Bart & Kitchen

Location: Rotterdam

Date: spring 2016