Industrial market interior for restaurant De Stallen in Purmerend

From a noisy cattle market to a cool and stylish restaurant; restaurant De Stallen in Purmerend opend its doors in May 2016 in the old stables of the famous former Koemarkt. With a unique blend of authentic items and modern eye catchers ESTIDA managed to create an interior that reflects the past and yet is very modern and tasteful. Just as the owner envisioned.


ESTIDA, voor het interieurplan en interieurdesign

When Elmer van der Zee, owner of De Stallen, received the keys of the old building on the Koemarkt he immediately saw the potential for a restaurant. Through a huge mood board he described the image to the industrial-market concept that he wanted. The reference images that appealed him the most were our interior designs and thus he turned to us for the interior design and the realization of the complete fitment of his new restaurant.


Original elements

Where possible original parts of the property are reused. So in the bar area old cribs are maintained and three others are now used as a sink in the toilets. Also the chains to which the cows were tied are still fixed on the original walls. For the flooring, the original tiles are cut in half by hand and replaced with the smooth side up so that the restaurant is passable. And to exploit the natural light the floor of the hayloft is removed and windows are installed in the roof.


120 LED bulbs next to steel, leather and wood

Besides keeping original elements, we chose a seemingly random mix of steel, leather and wood for this interior. However, together they form a unit that connects the different areas together and give it all unique character; rough, tough but very accessible. There is the bar with a top of leather in steel and a back bar that rises meters up. To create a dance area a large table can be lifted up with steel cables when the DJ starts the music. And some 120 LED bulbs in wire give each room a warm ambience.


Top quality, top equipment and top ideas

“Already in ESTIDA’s first design the style and concept were directly hit right on top.” Elmer says that the cooperation went very well from day one. “They deliver top quality, top materials, and especially top ideas.” And ideas could still be adjusted during the process. “I’m a precisian, and it must be really good, and with ESTIDA that really worked!”


ESTIDA, interior design for the hospitality industry

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De Stallen

Elmer van der Zee

Koemarkt 54, Purmerend



65 zitplaatsen binnen, heel ruim opgezet, 55 op het terras dat vergroot kan worden voor feesten en partijen.






Client: Elmer van der Zee, De Stallen

Location: Purmerend

Date: May 2016