Restyle to an industrial-urban interior of Bar Bistro Joseph

A restyling of a successful restaurant that just kept open all the time. That is what we managed at Bar Bistro Joseph in Hoofddorp, a restaurant that we already fully refurbished in a warm classy & cozy “style in 2011. Now, five years later, it was time for an update. While retaining the major elements, the interior changed to more industrial-urban. A subtle restyle, but one that again was received very well by the client.



The owner of Bar Bistro Joseph, Jos Bolte, turned to ESTIDA Interior Design and Concept Development in 2010 for thoroughly addressing the interior of his restaurant in Hoofddorp. After this we also signed for the establishment of Josephines cocktail and Joseph ‘Aan de Poel. In particular, the interior of the latter was the basis for the restyle now in Bar Bistro Joseph.


Lighter, more spacious interior

With lots of steel and wood a lighter, more spacious interior was created. Fabric lampshades made way for industrial steel wire lamps, curtains that first added to the ‘cosy’ effect were replaced by steel racks on which plants create a green, sustainable touch. With other tables, chairs and a new layout we created more space. And to strengthen the urban look we placed old corrugated iron rust or green and blue hues panels on the walls.


Corrugated panels to the wall

The entrance of this bar-bistro was too little to the taste of Jos Bolte. And this also is addressed and we transformed it into a striking, contemporary entrance with lots of light and a large corrugated iron wall. The conservatory had to undergo a thorough restyle. The original patio was transformed over the years into a greenhouse but never a real part of the restaurant. After the restyling the same interior style is also clearly reflected here.


Experience as a success factor in the hospitality industry

For a successful restaurant the staff, the value for money and the entire experience has to be good. For the interior experience Jos Bolte choose ESTIDA again and again; “Every time they give the matter the wow effect.” With big plans for the future in which Jos opens a new Joseph concept somewhere every year, he finds an organizer that can convert his vision of hospitality in a modern and appealing interior very important. “ESTIDA pays attention to the smallest details and comes up with the best ideas that just add that unique elements to the place.”

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Bar Bistro Joseph

Jos Bölte

Hoofdweg 728a, Hoofddorp




80 seats inside, 10 barseats and 30 seats in Josephines cocktails, wines & bites.





Client: Jos Bolte

Location: Hoofddorp

Date: april 2016


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Restyle to an industrial-urban interior of Bar Bistro Joseph
Restyle to an industrial-urban interior of Bar Bistro Joseph
Restyle to an industrial-urban interior of Bar Bistro Joseph