1480 Food


1480 Food is a unique concept; in three adjacent locations in one building there is a wine bar, a restaurant and a (food) store.

Commissioned by property owner Segesta, ESTIDA developed a restaurant concept for the oldest buildings in Alkmaar, situated on the Mient 10, 14 and 16. The name of the concept refers to the probable year of construction of the buildings.

When the restaurant concept and interior plan were determined, Segesta using the plan sought a catering business there, and zoning and building permit. Operator was Hanyn Yassine, an experienced caterer who also Silhouette & La Locanda Steakhouse and OS operates in Heiloo.

ESTIDA was also responsible for the interior design and turnkey realization of the plan. The realization of the interior was because of the age of the property is a challenging assignment. To keep the building up and wear the apartments above, a new steel made. The new interior is leveled against the old and oblique three meter high walls mounted. Because the original brick walls and support beams have been after the renovation in sight, the authentic atmosphere in the new 1480 Food preserved, which is much appreciated by many residents of the city of Alkmaar appreciated.


If inspiration is art director Michel Ruijgrok with his design team, the French Brasserie taken as a theme and then modernized it. Old images of the historic building come back in the interior, such as the photo of the old facade that now hangs in the kitchen. Also, we have the three properties optically connected to each other, by always using the same lamps. The interior of 1480 Food has become a blend of authenticity, originality and hospitality.


Client: Segesta

Location: Alkmaar

Date: Octobre 2014