Stress resistant
Well humored

We now have a job opening for:



The purpose of the function
Assisting in production metal interior components.


Place in the organization
See organizational chart

– Management
– Colleagues


Function: A


Tasks and activities

Under the direction and guidance of Head Whitesmith helping to implement or carry out the following activities

– Manufacture of metal parts for interior projects

– Translating technical drawings into practical implementation

– Coordination arrangements, work schedule and planning with Chef metal

– Controlling the necessary machines for manufacturing

– Prepare crafted interior parts for transportation

– Helping to place the manufactured metal parts at the project location

– Support for various activities, such as performing maintenance, the provision of hand-onn jobs in manufacturing, shipping or warehouse or site assembly

– Cleaning of the workplace and equipment


required Knowledge
– MBO level
– Knowledge of metalworking, welding
– Reading Drawing
– Preferably Driver license

– Solution-oriented thinking and acting

 Personal characteristics
– Service minded, accurate

Demanding working conditions
– Heavy or complicated lifting