PERSS RELEASE: Restaurant Fabers Alkmaar opened; the Schuttersgildehuis (1561) now has adequeate interpretation











Amsterdam January 7, 2016: In late December Restaurant Fabers opened its doors, the restaurant which is located in the Schuttersgildehuis in Alkmaar. With this Lobster & Tournedos restaurant, decorated by design agency ESTIDA, in the beautiful property in the city centre of Alkmaar has a suitable interpretation at last.


Faber is Latin for Craftsman. A deliberately chosen name because skills is where Team Faber stands for, and the name is also a reference to the history of the building that in the past was the home of the Archers guild.

Property owner Segesta renovated the monument in style. Beamed ceilings oak, walls of masonry and oak, and original tiled floors. And in all areas, the original fireplaces are preserved and even a museum piece added.

Developer Segesta has turned to ESTIDA more often for the interiordesign of its premises (1480 Foodbar, Fabbrica Heerhugowaard), and also in this project Segesta and ESTIDA worked together. ESTIDA developed a subdued interior concept, in which the character of the property really comes into its own.

Upon entering, the visitor is directly into the heart of the matter, because in the central area the kitchen and bar are brought together. The kitchen and bar are both placed on a podium. So the craftsmen of Faber’s work on a raised level and in sight of the visitor, additional advantage is that all the technical resources could be made under the decking and the original floors stayed intact. The kitchen is open and finished with a horizontal tiled front in sand color and black. In close consultation with the heritage the arched wallopenings are reopened and painted anthracite black which adds mystical lines. Opposite the kitchen the bar which is built around a fireplace that came from a museum. Some high seating areas offer visitors opportunity to be partakers of the dynamics that take place in this space.

On both sides from the central heart a restaurant space can be accessed. The two areas have completely different atmosphere. In one room there is the structural basis of a wood beamed ceiling over black and white checkered floor tiles and natural oak window frames. An oak cabinet is carefully moved from another room to this room and is now combined with a masonry wall a defining room divider. ESTIDA selected several deep blues such as used in the style rooms of the old days and translated it to the wallpaper and upholstery of sofas and chairs. Tight light rails provide the basic lighting, with a large glass lamp ornament in front of the classic fireplace. The result is a warm modern classic atmosphere.

The space on the other side of the operational heart is completely different. Traditionally, the floor covering is a gray flamed white marble tile, the ceiling is plastered tight and the window frames painted white and gray. ESTIDA’s Designer Helma Kor designed a soft lilac wallpaper with native plant patterns, had the ceiling painted green, and made an ochreous-green fabric selection for chairs and sofas. The tabletops are made of a dark walnut. The result is like a garden, a modern translation of the earlier Chinoiserie.


On the first floor is a spacious room with again the original oak beams, natural oak frames and in this space an attractive terracotta tiled floor. In ancient times, this area served as a meeting hall, and now the area is primarily intended as private dining; a multipurpose room, where all the necessary technique is provided. When heyday at the restaurant is fully occupied, dinner service can also be diverted to this space.


With the craftsmen of Fabers, and the interior that does justice to the rich history of the building, the Schuttersgildehuis has again an appropriate interpretation.

“The detailing of the property is so beautiful and atmospheric, that it’s a rewarding task to design an interior for this monument. We have consciously decided to add modern atmosphere elements to find a nice balance between the original atmosphere and contemporary craftsmanship of the Faber team” says ESTIDA designer Helma Kor.








Restaurant Fabers

Doelenstraat 3






Bar & kitchen: 30

Blue room: 40

Green room: 30

Private dining: 36


Contact; Claudia van den Berg