Interior with fragrance; scent marketing is now available for hospitality

Interior with fragrance; scent marketing is now available for hospitality  


Walk into a hotel and feel at home? Or sit in a bar and instantly find it cozy? Except that interior design and service create that feeling, odor is also an important element. The right, subtle fragrance that matches the interior concept creates a highly positive customer experience. Hence ESTIDA customers can now also choose matching scents for their interior or have one developed custom made.


Scent; part of an overall interior concept

The use of scents or fragrance marketing is increasingly used in the hospitality industry. Through the supplier Iscent we can also now offer to our clients as part of a complete interior design concept. With the right scent we emphasize so subtle interior concept and complete it for an optimal experience.



Scent machines

To experience the effect of fragrance itself placed Iscent us one of their scent machines. The smell that they selected us molecule, is geared to the establishment of our office; warm and luxurious with wood, leather and warm fabrics and rugs. The scent itself is a warm, sweet scent of wood including cedar and rose. Cedar stress relieving, and rose brings an experience of luxury in space. An ideal fragrance so our office where we often receive customers.


Fragrance marketing in your business

For the right perception of odor in your business it is of course important to choose a fragrance that suits you. This can be an existing odor from the wide range of Iscent but they can also develop a fragrance especially for you. Through scent machines and any additional products such as soaps, room sprays and perfume vases, your private label perfumes are used in all areas. The smells are otherwise never overbearing because Iscent per space optimally adjust the intensity and it also keeps making the entrepreneur does not have to worry about.


Want to know more ?

Scent marketing is suitable for every type of interior and any kind of business. Want to know how fragrance can be used in your home? Or advice on the right scent for your interior design concept? You can contact Iscent for more information or an acquaintance. Or plan an appointment at our office for a new design concept in which a matching scent may be included immediately.